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Getting better, together!

Values are the guidelines of our business. They are fundamental to success. Values turn visions into sustainable progress. The clear value orientation of Apleona HSG Facility Management makes us internationally successful as a service provider and an employer. 

Apleona HSG Facility Management is the leading pan-European service provider for the operation of properties and real estate. For almost 30 years our customers have trusted in our infrastructural, technical and commercial services. This allows us and our business partners to achieve sustainable success.

At ApleonaHSG Facility Management, integrated facility management exists through the understanding of our almost 17,000 employees. We consider the processes of our customers, and work pro-actively. Our partners’ objectives are our guide for  mutual success - in all important European markets and worldwide. Apleona HSG Facility Management is always available when our customers need our quality facility management - made in Germany - for their success. 

We’re at home in the operation and optimization of real estate and processes. Improved operating processes,  uninterrupted plant technology, increased energy efficiency - Apleona HSG Facility Management provides the right solutions for these requirements for companies and public buildings. 

Apleona HSG Facility Management service doesn’t stop with a technical plant or perfectly functioning infrastructure. Wherever our exceptional quality is required, we do more for our customers - from perfect event management to support for data center certification.

We work together with our business partners with the motto: getting better together! 


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