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Corporate culture

Corporate culture

Facility management means “people business” - our capital is our employees with their ideas, commitment, strengths, but also their weaknesses. We are aware of these weaknesses every day and with every task. The cooperation of our colleagues, which has been successful for many years, makes us a highly accepted solution manager for our customers. Apleona HSG Facility Management, the personal service by experienced people.

Our values are fundamental to our company’s success. The cultural diversity of our international teams enriches the common approach for our customers every day. For us, global commitment also means not losing sight of the local focus. We are on site and work with a high degree of self-delivery. When we make promises to customers, we keep them. Our employees are happy to take responsibility, and are constantly aware of this responsibility. The reason: We make room for negotiation with our colleagues, and trust in their strengths. Through this appreciation, our experts are a tangible part of the success factor of the value added chain of our business partners - around the world, every day.

Apleona HSG Facility Management is the conductor of the worldwide facility management orchestra. We set the rhythm, determine the scale and compose forward-looking solutions. We achieve this by supporting our employees’ know-how and continually improving it with a targeted training program in our own academy, as well as successful best-practice transfer. We use this experienced knowledge management for the success of our customers.

Apleona HSG Facility Management is a growing international service provider. Whether new colleagues are actively applying to work in our team, or whether customers become part of our big family through outsourcing projects, they always have one thing in common: they are at home in our core business.

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