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From forerunner to front runner: number one in facility management

The company history of Apleona HSG is closely related to the development of facility management in Germany.HSG and the facility constructor Zander were amongst the first companies in Germany to establish the development towards professional facility management.

The company history of Bilfinger HSG Facility Management is closely related to the development of facility management in Germany. As a result of mergers, the service provider combines the expertise of the companies HSG and M+W Zander with.

As early as the 1970s, the employees of what would later become HSG were entrusted with the task of operating the completed major turnkey projects in the Middle East and keeping them in good condition over the years.

During the same period, the Zander company began building up its activities in the area of facility management as a facilities manufacturer and gearing them towards the needs of a growing market.

HSG was founded in 1988, which from then on was one of the largest FM service providers in Germany.

In parallel and after various mergers, M+W Zander D.I.B. Facility Management came into being in 2002 which also held key market share in Germany and abroad.

With the integration of the facility management division of M+W Zander in 2008, the HSG Zander Group was created within the former Bilfinger Berger AG.

The company that began carrying the name Bilfinger HSG Facility Management in 2013 is among the world’s leading service providers in the area of integrated facility management.

With a change of ownership, the name of the company changed in 2017: the company now operates as Apleona HSG.


2013 Bilfinger HSG Facility Management

  • The affiliation to Bilfinger, the international engineering and services group, will now be visible in our name
  • 25 year company history in March
  • Bilfinger HSG Facility Management takes over the larges FM service provider of Great Britain and founds Bilfinger Europa Facility Management

2012 Bilfinger HSG Facility Management

The European expansion goes forward, Bilfinger HSG FM takes over an Italian FM service provider and founds Bilfinger Sielv Facility Management

2008 HSG Zander

HSG Zander rises to take the number 1 spot in Germany to become one of the world’s leading FM providers through the integration of the facility management activities of M+W Zander


2006-2008 HSG - HSG develops international profile

  • Significant development of market position in Switzerland and Austria and entry into the British and Dutch markets
  • Expansion of FM activities in the field of health care through the acquisition of the Ahr Group
  • Position established amongst the top 3 German FM providers

2004-2005 HSG | Bilfinger Berger Facility Services

  • Start of FM activities in Switzerland
  • Integration of J. Wolfferts GmbH as technical service provider and building outfitter
  • Founding of an operating company for the Frankfurt “Waldstadion” stadium as a joint venture between HSG and Sportfive
  • Rise to number 1 in commercial facility management and number 4 FM service provider in Germany via purchase of Thyssen Krupp DiPro and asset management company Assetis

2002-2003 HSG | Bilfinger Berger

  • HSG Group takeover by Bilfinger Berger AG. This is in conjunction with the integration of Bilfinger Berger’s FM activities
  • Turnover reaches EUR 290 million

1996-1999 HSG group international expansion

  • Overseas operating companies and subsidiaries founded
  • First Europe-wide major service contract for the US armed forces
  • Further development of the network of branches and expertise
  • Turnover passes the EUR 100 million mark

1990-1995 HSG group

Infrastructural and commercial FM business areas developed by founding subsidiaries

1988 HSG

HSG founded as subsidiary of Philipp Holzmann AG to develop technical FM activities in Germany

M+W Zander

2005 M+W Zander sole shareholder of D.I.B.

2002 M+W Zander D.I.B. Facility Management

  • Merger of M+W Zander Facility Management with D.I.B. Standortbetreibergesellschaft mbH in Ottobrunn through the take-over of 69.1% of shares in D.I.B. (Prior to that successful development of D.I.B as 100% subsidiary of EADS)
  • Integration of parts of TKT Krantz Group
  • Complete takeover of Deutsche Bank subsidiary GTG

1998 M+W Zander

  • The companies Meissner+Wurst and Zander merge to become M+W Zander
  • Jenoptik IPO
  • 49% takeover GTG Gesellschaft für Technisches Gebäudemanagement mbH
  • Founding of Ludwig Erhard Haus Event Management GmbH (50% share)

1995 D.I.B. Gesellschaft für Standortbetreiberdienste

  • D.I.B founded as joint venture between DASA, IVG and Bayerische Vereinsbank
  • Reduction of site costs at DASA (later EADS) in Ottobrun due to new clients, expanded market expertise and market price elimination of FM services


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