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Apleona HSG AS: The dream of flying

Outer space, these are infinite expanses. Apleona HSG AS produces the universe on a laboratory scale at the AIRBUS site Ottobrunn. Clean rooms which can authentically reflect interstellar conditions if necessary – this is not science fiction, but the modern facility management of Apleona HSG AS. This reaching for the stars is as much one of our tasks as the close interlinking with the core business of one of the largest aerospace companies in the world. 

Space propulsion systems as well as satellite subsystems for telecommunications, navigation and earth observation are developed in Bavaria. Apleona HSG AS is subject to the strictest requirements in terms of dangerous goods and environmental protection in the laboratory areas, which are equipped, for example, with electroplating baths. 

Apleona HSG AS ensures optimal conditions at the Special Airport Oberpfaffenhofen to enable an Airbus to take off. From the airport fire department up to the refueling and defueling of aircraft, we are an important part of AIRBUS operations. Two long-standing partners, one shared fascination: the dream of flying!

Apleona HSG AS: We create experiences

We not only work at the foot of the mountains, we can also move them: with events and media productions that are unparalleled. This is ensured by our communications agency, Alpensektor, which is connected with the company. This is also a service provided by Apleona HSG AS. Alpensektor orchestrates and visualizes the core business of our customers – in a creative, eye-catching, emotional and always surprisingly different manner. 

Alpensektor – we make our customers and their products the face in the crowd of global markets.

The services of Apleona HSG AS at a glance:

  • Technical facility management
  • Infrastructural facility management
  • Commercial facility management
  • Communication services / Alpensektor
  • Security services
  • Fire protection

Complex building modifications with all trades in the portfolio of commercial and industrial real estate; as general planner or specialist planner in accordance with HOAI or as general contractor (general contracting services) with fixed dates, at fixed costs or by time sheet.


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