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Apleona HSG Event Services: Experience what others can only dream about

Elaborately staged experiences that create lasting impressions, this is our daily business. When others marvel, laugh, or enthuse, you can rely on our professional composure. We are creative event specialists with heart, soul and vision for that which is special. Apleona HSG Event Service is the experienced partner when people, companies, products and services are to be shown in a favorable light. We set the perfect scene for what our customers' guests should experience.

Apleona HSG Event Service offers everything that makes an event a unique experience: individual creative concepts, reliable budget planning and compliance, well-conceived management of equipment and event staff up to complete event logistics just in time.

The high proportion of services we provide directly is the success factor of Apleona HSG Facility Management. We live the principle of our parent company at all our events. That's why we also complete our event portfolio perfectly with the services of our subsidiary ProfiMiet. As the largest provider in the area of non-food catering, ProfiMiet rents equipment such as porcelain, glass, cutlery, kitchen and dishwashing equipment as well as service materials.

Successful themed experiences need the professional for more emotion: Apleona HSG Event Services.


Excerpt from our broad portfolio of services:

  • Event equipment rental
  • Consulting, advising, briefing
  • Customized concept design, budgeting
  • Organization, resource planning
  • Budget monitoring
  • Pre-event support, invitation management
  • Implementation, event logistics, co-ordination
  • Follow-up work, invoicing, documentation
  • Trade fair and set construction
  • Event catering

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