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Occupational Health

Occupational health and safety protection

Apleona HSG Facility Management places the highest priority on it employees' well being and therefore also on a structured and standardized health and occupational safety management system. 

Our employees are our greatest assets. Only healthy and satisfied employees can meet our customers' demands in accordance to the legal standards.

As part of the implementation phase, an initial safety tour is carried out with the support of our occupational safety specialists. Measures are implemented to remove or reduce risks in the context of danger assessments.

Our strict work-related accident reporting system allows for a thorough analysis of potential sources of accidents. The working conditions can be continuously improved and accidents will be further reduced as a consequence.

With the help of regular employee training, sensitivity is fostered and our employees are brought up to date on the topics of occupational safety and health protection.

Within the group of companies, we exclusively rely on professionally and specifically qualified personnel.

We place particular emphasis on health management for our employees. In addition to legally required optional and mandatory check-ups by a site physician, we strive to improve our employees' health with athletic activities and events.


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