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Our top priority is to secure the future of our company over the long term. Such success can only come about, in our opinion, if our business activities also take noneconomic factors into account and are able to reconcile the needs of employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and other social groups. Ecology, economy and society are therefore inseparably linked at Bilfinger HSG Facility Management, a fact that can be seen in the life cycle concept we use for our products and services.

Not doing business at the cost of future generations reflects our ethical convictions. We see ourselves as a part of society and willfully accept accountability for making an active contribution to the conservation of resources, protecting the environment, to our employees and to society.

Ecological responsibility

As an internationally active Facility Management Corporation, we are confronted with ecological questions on a daily basis. Our goal is to achieve more with fewer resources and meet our environmental responsibilities.

Apleona HSG Facility Management has an extensive portfolio of sustainable products and services. Drawing on our in-depth technological expertise, international presence and many years of experience, we are a much sought-after partner for sustainable projects.

We develop leading solutions with our clients that are both economically and ecologically sound, such as lifetime observation of real estate and construction ventures.

Together with our clients, we develop solutions that are pioneering both ecologically and economically.

In addition, we are currently pursuing a leading Facility Management corporate initiative to reduce CO2 emissions, in addition to strict adherence to and outperformance of all statutory environmental regulations.

Social responsibility

Apleona HSG Facility Management sees itself as part of society. We therefore get involved as corporate citizens wherever our business activities are located. This is primarily reflected in the voluntary work of our staff, e.g. at Community Days, events with presentations and talks or local events and initiatives. Our social responsibility is also reflected in aid campaigns for charity organizations and for those in need. We offer medium and long-term support through our corporate citizenship projects. Here it is important to us not just to provide financial support, but also take a proactive role in promoting projects that reflect our own core areas of expertise.

But we also participate in efforts to overcome social challenges through various memberships or through active participation in associations and organizations. Through an open dialogue with various social groups, we generate mutual understanding and trust.

Corporate Responsibility

We commit ourselves to acting with integrity and fairness towards all employees while setting high demands and encouraging performance and skills.
We are proud that the level of satisfaction among our employees is at such a high level and that, in our industry, we are seen as an attractive employer. We offer a diverse range of jobs that are innovative and international; we guarantee equal opportunity and pay fair compensation in line with market rates. We help our employees to further develop and educate themselves, reconcile the needs of family and career and maintain their health.

Our actions are shaped by an awareness that the economic success of our company depends to a great extent on the motivation of our employees.


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