Apleona HSG Facility Management


Management of 120 ABB locations in Europe

April 05, 2017

ABB, a leading technology company headquartered in Switzerland, has entered into a five-year contract with real estate service provider Apleona HSG for facility management services for more than 120 ABB locations across Europe. The order includes the coordination, delivery and development of a large number of facility management services.

Apleona HSG will establish a jointly-developed facility management strategy at the locations on the basis of so-called service level agreements. This means that ABB defines the quality goals for the operation of its properties and transfers responsibility for achieving these goals to its partner, Apleona HSG. The services primarily relate to facility services to be provided on site, with a focus on technical services.

Apleona HSG will set up its own key account organizational structure for its partner ABB. The two partners thus secure a valuable knowledge transfer for the achievement of the defined quality goals. The ABB locations that are to be uniformly optimized can be found in Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, England, Ireland, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Russia and Turkey.