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Aerospace Industry

A partner for the aerospace industry

Mobility is a critical factor for economic success. Aviation is becoming increasingly important for the transport of persons and goods. Furthermore, local space, the moon and other planets awake fantasies of expanding mobility beyond the limits of our own world. Apleona HSG Facility Management has been a reliable partner in the aerospace industry for many years. Together with our customers, we help to shape this fascinating aspect of our present and future.

The technical operation of an airport, the base of operations for an airline or a research facility for interstellar technology poses extremely demanding requirements. Our customers therefore rely on the experience and expertise of Apleona HSG Facility Management. Especially in space travel, it is important to maintain compliance with strictly specified clean room conditions, such as for the complex fabrication of satellites or solar panels. Apleona HSG Facility Management is networked just as efficiently with the core tasks of our customers in the Airbus Group as at the Lufthansa base in Munich. Our customer there depends on our flexibility and our technical competence. We prepare everything on time to enable Lufthansa to service and maintain aircraft within tight time windows in order to ensure smooth flight operations.

Our customers rely on services such as:

  • Technical building operations, also including clean rooms in research areas
  • Provision of utilities and resources such as electric power, chemicals and gases
  • Facility construction
  • Disposal of hazardous substances
  • Fire protection with a dedicated airport fire department
  • Aircraft refueling
  • Power supply and energy management
  • Safety and winter services
  • Catering
  • Event management.

Some of our dedicated customers:

  • Airbus Group
  • Lufthansa Technik
  • SAVE S.P.A.- Venice Airport
  • Special Airport Oberpfaffenhofen.


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