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Today, event centers are often regarded as temples of entertainment and experiences. In operating stadiums and event locations, Apleona HSG Facility Management not only takes on responsibility for these properties, but also ensures that sports fans can cheer, concert-goers can enjoy and business guests can network. We are responsible for the overall operation of event centers. 

This can only be done by a facility manager who understands the intricacies of an event and recognizes critical interfaces. We always focus on the guest. With smooth procedures, we ensure that events become worlds of experience and can develop their own completely individual charm. 

We create unique events with services including the following:

  • Consulting, advising, briefing
  • Individual conception, budgeting
  • Organization, resource planning
  • Budget monitoring
  • Pre-event support, invitation management
  • Implementation, event logistics, overall coordination
  • Follow-up work, invoicing, documentation.

We provide services including the following to ensure the perfect ambiance in several well-known event centers:

  • Technical facility management: Operations including service, inspection and maintenance of technical facilities, fault correction and around-the-clock on-call service, refurbishment, documentation of all building-specific requirements, energy management 
  • Event systems, sound, lighting and stage 
  • Infrastructure facility management: Event-specific special cleaning, transport services, mail services as well as control and monitoring of indoor and outdoor event cleaning services. 

Customers relying on our event solutions include:

  • Expo 2015 in Mailand
  • Alte Oper concert hall, Frankfurt
  • Commerzbank-Arena stadium, Frankfurt
  • Lanxess Arena, Cologne.


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