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Public Sector

A partner for the public sector

Schools, town halls, cultural facilities, court buildings and even correctional facilities – these are all a basic part of our society. Apleona HSG Facility Management has been a reliable partner and mainstay for the public sector for many years. We know that facility management in this setting means more than just the provision of services. Apleona HSG Facility Management tempers the fulfillment of its tasks with the empathy of a school caretaker as the good soul of a school or with security consciousness in a correctional facility. 

We not only relieve the public sector of tasks not directly related to public administration, but rather also ensure better cost-effectiveness in the official budgets. In these "life-cycle projects", we work from the start as a partner of the public, assuming responsibility for planning, financing and construction of the respective facilities, and we continue to operate these reliably over many years. This ensures reliable costing for municipalities, states and the entire country, consistently reducing costs.

Our services in the operation of public facilities include the following:

  • Technical facility management: Operations, inspection, service and repair of structure, technical building systems, outdoor facilities and equipment, energy management as well as emergency and breakdown services 
  • Building infrastructure management: Caretaking services, maintenance, facade and glass cleaning, cleaning and maintenance of outdoor facilities, winter service, security service as well as supply and disposal services, catering
  • Commercial facility management: Reporting/documentation, FM controlling, contractual and bonus/penalty management as well as warranty tracking.

We successfully provide these services for customers including:

  • Chemnitz Justice Center.
  • Agentur für Arbeit
  • Berlinovo
  • Cork School of Music
  • Burg-Madel correctional facility
  • Justizzentrum Chemnitz
  • Hessian State representative office, Brussels
  • Riethsporthalle sports complex, Erfurt
  • Schloss Sonnenstein, Pirna District administrative office
  • City of Esslingen.


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