Apleona HSG Facility Management

Retail Industry

A partner for the retail industry

Today, purchasing goods is no longer a mundane activity. Shopping combines an experience with consumption. As a partner of the retail industry, Apleona HSG Facility Management creates worlds of experience. We place goods in the right, harmonious light, ensure a climate of well-being and a clean, attractive and technically correctly functioning environment.

At the same time, we always keep an eye on the resulting costs of a unique product presentation for our customers. Innovative energy management is just one of our solutions for improving cost efficiency and transparency.

We also provide the following services for our partners in the retail industry:

  • Operation of building systems (all disciplines)
  • Technical operations
  • HVAC/electrical engineering
  • Energy management
  • I&C
  • Transport systems (elevators, escalators, rolling gates)
  • Fire protection
  • Caretaking services
  • Help desk for Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Round-the-clock emergency service

Our customers such as ESPRIT, Douglas, Footlocker and Takko rely on these services. For ESPRIT we serve 240 stores in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for this textiles company.


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