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Data Center Management

Data Center Management

Data centers: we’re setting new standards

Data centers and high availability systems – almost no other aspect of our economy is such a sensitive focal point. If an error happens here, it usually causes a chain reaction, with far-reaching consequences. The operation of technology that is such a critical factor for success is only possible for facility managers who not only have special technical knowledge, but are also constantly aware of the high responsibility of their actions.

Apleona HSG Facility Management is one such specialist, and has concentrated its know-how for the success of its customers with its ‘Center of Competence Data Centers / Critical Systems’. Anyone, like us, who takes on a market-leading position in the operation of data-centers and high-availability systems, sets standards. With our ‘4P Critical Engineering Framework’, we have provided our customers with a standard for facility management in data centers, with which we have evaluated risks, used targeted measures to reduce these risks, and secured quality in operation in the long-term, whilst constantly optimizing. This makes us more than just a service provider. We see ourselves as partners in the sensitive technology of our customers.

An overview of our specialist offers:

  • Implementation of standards for FM operation    
  • Incident management
  • Technical risk analysis (due diligence) before object handover
  • Preparation / optimization of FM operating concepts
  • Implementation of employee certification
  • Implementation of training measures for DC technicians
  • Implementation of internal reviews (technology / procedures) 
  • Cross-border process harmonization
  • Combining expert know-how (networking, expert exchange)
  • Weakness analyses (including FMECA/RAM/ENERGY® analyses).


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