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Lifecycle Projects

Lifecycle Projects

Real estate considered in its entirety – guaranteed

Good facility managers have a comprehensive overview of all their customers’ processes. Only in this way can comprehensive optimization concepts be developed to cover all interfaces. Apleona HSG Facility Management has developed a business model from this proven and successful principle. Our lifecycle strategy considers real estate as a whole: from design to construction to long-term operation. This means that after many years we still ensure a consistent quality standard. Positive results: satisfied, long-term users.

We guarantee both the public and private sector quality and cost-efficiency. We have now transferred the PPP models that have been tried and tested for many years in schools, town halls and hospitals as well as other public buildings to the private sector. We call this clever and sustainable idea ‘one’. Our customers get all their property solutions from one experienced source: planning, construction and operation. This means we are able to make clear commitments as regards the energy and operating costs of the properties. Apleona HSG Facility Management makes property calculable and predictable in the long-term. A solution our customers can depend on!

The added value of the lifecycle approach:

  • Cost, quality and scheduling security over the entire lifecycle from planning to construction to the operation of properties
  • Value added partnerships with the early integration of partners and joint development of the project metrics
  • Balanced allocation of risks and optimized contract structures
  • Long-term value maximization and value maintenance of the properties
  • Optimization of operating energy and auxiliary rental costs
  • Design optimization balanced between usage requirements, lifecycle costs, sustainability and alternate use capacity of properties.


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Lifecycle Projects
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