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We make connections!

Fast, secure and cost-transparent telecommunication is the success driver of the 21st century. Apleona HSG Facility Management is a reliable 360-degree service provider and therefore has its own Telecommunications business unit.

This means that our customers have a central contact partner for their technical, commercial and infrastructural facility management requirements. Our modern telecommunications solutions are intelligently and modularly scalable; communication connections for our business partners are possible anywhere - whether stationary or mobile. A central service provider for all communication themes, from consulting to operation: That’s Apleona HSG Facility Management.

Take a look at our range of telecommunications services:

Telecommunications technology:

  • Planning and design of system technology
  • Provision and operation of telecommunications systems
  • Accounting and billing of services
  • Performance-oriented billing
  • Provider management
  • Management of carrier connections and cabling
  • Administration and documentation of telecommunication data
  • Change / error management.

Mobile service:

  • Provider-independent consulting on selection of tariff and conditions
  • Carrier management
  • Modular services within mobile communications, as requested by the customer
  • Procurement of mobile devices
  • Administration and documentation of mobile communication data
  • Performance-oriented billing
  • Clearing processing.


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