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Energy Contracting

Energy Contracting

Whoever thinks ecologically must act economically

Outdated plant engineering is the reason for rising energy costs and a poor ecological balance in many companies.  Apleona HSG Facility Management can remedy such a situation with its well-conceived and proven energy contracting. In a close collaboration between economy and ecology, contracting plays its trump card:  The customer can avail of contractually agreed energy savings without having to make any investments. These are assumed by Apleona HSG Facility Management as an energy contractor. 

The investment refinances itself either through saved energy, the purchase of useful energy or through a combination of both. This means that our customers not only receive customized, optimal and modern technology after we have performed a precise needs analysis, but they save from the outset, namely, with a contract bond. This creates transparency and certainty in terms of cost and supply planning over many years. The manufacturing companies can then usefully invest the released resources in the core business.

Energy contracting solutions from Apleona HSG Facility Management:
significant cost benefits, costing certainty and CO2 savings, and it is also worth it for the environment. 

A clean-cut solution!


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