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Energy Management

Energy Management

Sustainability comes from smart ideas

Green solutions, efficient concepts, sustainable actions, wind, solar and hydroelectric power: energy has been an important topic and marketing theme for a very long time. But what’s left when all the big words are gone? At that point, functioning solutions must be convincing.

For Apleona HSG Facility Management, energy is much more than a marketing topic. As a result of our commitment to the environment, reduced energy costs, production security and the future of our children, we have created our own think tank. In our Center of Competence Energy & Sustainability, we’re developing solutions today which will secure a sustainable energy supply for our customers tomorrow.

We do not think in rigid structures, but instead rely on motivated teams of experts and unconventional thinkers. With their creative and expert skills, we’re developing strategies and products that will help our customers to do business in a sustainable way. We are proud that the solutions from Apleona HSG Facility Management are trailblazers on the energy market. We’ve proven ourselves to be as clever in the metering and monitoring sector as in forward-looking lighting concepts and energy efficient systems engineering. That today intelligent buildings can talk to their users and clearly explain their energy needs is a result of our needs-oriented ideas and technological competence.

We at Apleona HSG Facility Management aren’t just talking about sustainability, we’re living it!


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