Apleona HSG Facility Management

Facility Management Consulting

Facility Management Consulting

Solution dialog for optimal operating concepts 

The success of Apleona HSG Facility Management is based on intensive networking with our customers and our understanding of their tasks, challenges, strategies and goals. Thanks to this understanding, we are able to develop individual management concepts that can be specially adapted and integrated into the processes of our customers.

For us, consulting is communication. Together with our partners and experts – for topics such as outsourcing, IT or energy – we begin an intensive, results-oriented solution dialog. This is how we develop operating concepts that work perfectly in the real world. Our facility management consulting represents the starting point for sustainable FM solutions.

An overview of our service diversity:

  1. Identification of the specific needs of your properties and infrastructure: attractiveness of the workplace for your employees, value maintenance of your investments, innovative solutions that take into account the vision of your core business with minimal costs. Together with you, we will determine the focus of these goals and on this basis we will analyze your framework parameters – qualitative and quantitative: location factors, operation times, dynamism in core business, required system availability on the user side. We define the necessary services across all of these topic areas
  2. Analysis and evaluation of your facility management organization: we will look at your organization, your own and outsourced services, your processes, your employees, your partner companies and your systems. The result is founded statements on for efficiency and for possible improvements.
  3. Development of optimal solutions: our solutions are end-to-end processes. We develop robust service agreements and key figures, thereby establishing a clear set of standards. Our goal is to ensure the continued improvement of your organization.
  4. Planning the implementation of defined solutions: we provide the blueprints for your change management. We apply our long-standing and extensive experience from projects in diverse sectors and countries, from individual office buildings to industrial sites and retail chains. 
  5. Implementation of defined solutions: speed is the decisive factor – adaptability differs from organization to organization. We assume responsibility for the management of piloting and roll out for you.  

Possible starting points of cooperation:

  • Quick Check: this covers the methods and process-based screening of the essential aspects of your organization, with the aim of identifying basic potential. The results are available in one to two weeks.
  • Due diligence: our specialists use their tools to get to the bottom of the commercial and technical facts of your organization. You determine the level of detail of this task. We will give you the time scale.
  • Feasability study: we detail the potential in your specific case and how to increase this potential, which opportunities and which risks are involved and what time plan is right for your organization. This task is different for each organization; our methods and processes generally allow completion within three months.


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