Apleona HSG Facility Management

Technical Facility Management

Technical Facility Management

Managing means doing

Technical procedures are complex. Whether it is in an office building or in industrial production, technology always supports the value creation of our customers. As a technical service provider, Apleona HSG Facility Management relies on expertise and size. With around 17,000 employees worldwide, we take on personal responsibility on site. We don’t just manage technical facility management, we do it. Our extensive knowledge of modern systems engineering and production technology becomes a value adding lever for our customers.

We recognize the dependencies between technical core and supporting processes, as well as the sensitivity of interfaces in secondary and production processes. We have our eyes on the bigger picture, and work in the interests of our customers and their goals. This optimizes the success of industrial final products and real estate.

Apleona HSG Facility Management supports efficiency and sustainability. Air conditioning or lighting, industrial robots or media supply with gas, electricity, water or pressurized air – we make adjustments, which allow our customers to save not only energy, but costs too.

Technical know-how is first truly effective when combined with knowledge of the law, regulations and standards. Our customers can rely on Apleona HSG Facility Management, to successfully bring all these elements together.

An overview of our service portfolio:

  • Object management
  • Operations management 
  • Maintenance (inspection, maintenance, repairs)
  • Warranty management 
  • Error and emergency services 
  • Energy management 
  • Building energy certificates
  • Acceptances and transfers
  • Commissioning and decommissioning
  • Documentation
  • Modifications/modernization
  • Waste management
  • Facility management during construction
  • Project design and control
  • Fire protection.


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