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Production and Processes

Production and Processes

Industrial sites are complex properties. Many primary and secondary processes take place here and constantly interact with each other. Due to globalized competition, a company must now invest its entire strength in the quality of its products and thus in its core tasks. Apleona HSG Facility Management supports you as a value-added partner so that the production-related processes can cope with this focus.

We are the central contact for all technical services with the most diverse requirements. Thus we clearly differentiate ourselves from the traditional facility management service provider; Apleona HSG Facility Management can do so much more. We focus our attention not only on details, but have everything in sight and firmly under control.

We identify interfaces in production that are critical to success and use our technical expertise to develop holistic site solutions, with a high proportion of services which we provide directly. This comprehensive service enables the potential for valuable optimization and synergies to be developed for our customers.

  • One face for the customer: Apleona HSG Facility Management is the central service provider at the industrial site.
  • We ensure that industrial plants are always available without interruption when our customers' production requires them.
  • Our services extend up close to the core process of our customers.
  • We optimize the processes and their interfaces and thus improve efficiency.
  • We keep a close eye on energy consumption and thus proactively reduce costs.
  • Our employees are aware of our responsibility for the quality of the products.
  • We ensure that our customers fulfill all legal requirements in an exemplary manner.


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