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Holistic Real Estate – rent a workplace

Holistic Real Estate – rent a workplace

Entry in the German-speaking market and establishment of a branch, such as in the Rhine-Main region: For a software concern from overseas, this generally means an enormous initial capital layout for a new infrastructure and its operation. These costs especially affect the buildings for the subsidiary. Even if the company does not construct its own facility: rental properties also have to be managed, plus the investment in office equipment. 

Apleona HSG Facility Management has a complete solution for this: from planning through implementation to maintenance, so that you can concentrate on your core business. 

Because you don't just rent offices – you rent fully equipped workplaces. That includes the coffee machines, caretaking services, copiers, office equipment from Vitra, WLAN, projectors and much more.

HRE saves costs

No more cost administration, even for invoicing for supplementary charges – we do it all for you. Transparently and efficiently. This comprehensive building service is called holistic real estate (hre). Our customer thus saves costs for its own facility management. It makes sense: we can do it considerably less expensively with our many years' of experience and our market position. The software company described can deal with its real business: selling software and making profits.

HRE enables flexibility

The startup and growth phase of the new company location entails special uncertainties: How many workplaces does the company need in the new office? How quickly will the business and the corresponding staff grow? Are further branches needed in the European market? Furthermore, these days a global player in any industry has to provide an attractive office for its personnel at any location. Global corporations need flexible office and space concepts. 

The innovative hre model provides the ideal answer to all of these challenges. Apleona HSG Facility Management can model these short-term changes. We advise our customers individually based on their current situation and size and provide professional relocation management.

The responsibility, and the complexity, are handled by Apleona HSG FM. All property-related tasks are our job - the customers concentrate on what makes them money.   

HRE provides the innovative solution

Telefonica is already relying on HRE, provided by Apleona HSG FM. If your company is also interested in a solution like this, Jan Dunkelberg looks forward to hearing from you by phone or email (even if you don't work for a software company)!

To see how you can use Holistic Real Estate – the full service workplace model here.


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