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Schwabenchemie outsources its anniversary

Schwabenchemie outsources its anniversary

You're only 100 once. And that's something to celebrate – also for Schwabenchemie. For an organization with more than 10,000 employees worldwide, an anniversary like this is a chance to present its entire spectrum of services to existing and potential customers, decision-makers from around the world.

Schwabenchemie has a separate department just for organizing events: the "Trade Fair and Congress Organization" with a permanent staff of 27. This department also organizes ceremonies for employment anniversaries or annual celebrations. Of course it also engages external help from booth builders, caterers, advertising agencies, volunteers, graphic artists and many others. The coordination alone already takes considerable effort.

The Schwabenchemie board has elaborated a clear concept for the anniversary year. Corporate management is well aware: Conducting an international road show of this type over an entire year, not only in Germany but also worldwide, and with the "100 years of chemical innovation" celebration with international guests from politics, business, and society – this cannot be achieved solely with an in-house team. The "Trade Fair and Congress Organization" department is already operating at capacity with its standard tasks. And by the way: All key account managers are delighted with new, exciting ideas for arranging events.

Benefit from the experience of others

The solution is called Apleona HSG Event Services: "We make events work." With our many years' and broad spectrum of experience, Schwabenchemie is even saving money by contracting out this special task which is not part of the standard repertoire of a chemical concern.

After the briefing, we only need a single contact for questions. The Apleona HSG Event Services team organizes everything else: from planning how to develop a series of fascinating events from the concept from management, through implementation at a wide range of locations, up to budget controlling and invoicing: this is the total cost of the anniversary year, broken down by events and by cost groups.

Strong emotions – lasting images

You can regard Apleona HSG Event Services as the specialist in strong emotions. We literally set the stages, not just in dazzling convention centers in London or Tokyo, but also in a storage building in Nuremberg. Stages with strong images. Our project teams have not ossified with their tremendous experience and routines; much rather, this is the prerequisite for filling their heads with ideas.

Full service up to cost controlling

Craftsmanship is not neglected. We provide the equipment, such as furniture and all non-food equipment. We store the existing and newly designed promotional materials for Schwabenchemie. We manage and we document. We provide personnel: technicians, booth builders, hostesses and project managers. Everyone our customer needs for its event. In cases of doubt, we know the hot or surprising locations. We love the top chef as a caterer, whom the chairman of the Schwabenchemie board so greatly appreciates.

What the directors of Apleona HSG Event Services  like: reproducible perfection. Of course the company is certified. We ensure contractual security, job security, compliance with statutory requirements and high quality standards.

Because events can be planned, but not the weather or traffic on the highway. No matter whether for Schwabenchemie or for you, we have what it takes for events: Storm-proof. Creative. Diversified. Flexible. Reliable.

More about Events at Apleona as explained

The event management director,Holger Schumann, is looking forward to your call or email.

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