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Apleona HSG Culinaress: Culinary delights for Airbus

Apleona HSG Culinaress: Culinary delights for Airbus

Herbert Kopf is used to big numbers; they are part of his everyday work. The old hand from Bavaria does not juggle euros and dollars, but vegetables, fruit and other ingredients. Herbert Kopf puts his heart and soul into this, cooking for the company restaurant at the Airbus location in Taufkirchen. The likeable man from Munich is part of the large Apleona HSG Culinaress GmbH team, which comes up with new culinary creations every day for the company restaurants, executive restaurant as well as the company’s own party service for events and conferences for the aviation group. Herbert Kopf serves some 1,600 guests every day.

As we all know, food is the way to the heart. Employers have recognized this truth for some time now. Company canteens are no longer ‘food factories’ with questionable quality. Quite the opposite: They are creative culinary workshops. Among other things, Herbert Kopf’s team manage something that even high-ranking colleagues and taste experts would fail to achieve: The combination of large quantities, high quality and first and foremost exquisite taste.

In the so-called “cold kitchen”, together with two chefs and three kitchen aids, Kopf prepares numerous appetizers, salad plates, salads for the buffet and desserts. Because it is not just the employees of Europe’s largest airplane manufacturer who eat the hot and cold dishes provided by the teams from Apleona HSG Culinaress every day. Numerous Airbus guests, the company kindergarten as well as the Executive Board in the executive restaurant have high expectations for the well-organized catering team. Quality is the top priority. When purchasing, Apleona HSG Culinaress therefore relies on local suppliers. This guarantees freshness and fits with the sustainability strategy. Cooperation with local farmers and raising awareness of the products used make the offer transparent. Cooking at Bilfinger HSG Culineress is still exactly as it has always been: Skilled craftsmanship.

“Our customers are regulars, so to speak, as many of them eat at the Airbus company restaurants every day”, says Herbert Kopf of the challenging difference between canteen operation and the numerous restaurants in the Munich area, which largely depend on casual customers. Airbus employees notice changes in the quality of the employer’s catering immediately. The quality therefore not only affects the feeling of satisfaction of the guests, but also directly influences the image of Airbus as an employer. The working environment is also a living environment. In today’s fight for talent in the labor market this is a competitive aspect, which is not to be underestimated, and thereby a huge responsibility for Apleona HSG Culinaress.

Today, demanding canteen guests want more than just to be full. They expect culinary diversity and tasty entertainment. Herbert Kopf, who has been working in his Airbus kitchen for 32 years, knows that a willingness to change is the key to success here. “Gastronomy today is subject to ever stronger trends”, explains Kopf. What guests enjoyed yesterday might no longer be in fashion tomorrow for demanding tastes. That is why Herbert Kopf and his team bring cuisine from around the world to the Airbus kitchen. Themed weeks, for example current food trends, Asian or French cuisine or seasonal offers, as well as nutritional advice for the employees of the airplane manufacturer are all part of well-balanced enjoyment in the workplace. 

In addition to their own range of ideas, Herbert Kopf and his culinary colleagues are also happy to implement external creative input. “For example, we recently had an Indian guest chef. This strategy continually brings new and interesting inspiration for our daily work, making sure that the chef occasionally thinks outside the box”, jokes the kitchen manager. And this is clearly goes down well. Airbus employees are regularly asked about the quality of the catering at the location. Results in Taufkirchen: Happy satisfaction at the highest level. An incentive for Herbert Kopf and his colleagues from Apleona HSG Culinaress to sharpen their knives, fire up the oven and serve up something delicious.