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Caring service with a smile – Patient service from Apleona Ahr Careservices

Caring service with a smile – Patient service from Apleona Ahr Careservice

The welcome is courteous. Angelika Mertgen’s kind eyes look upon the guest with a smile. Of course, she knows the name of the visitor during check in. If they have visited before, then the blond lady with the stylish appearance also knows what they like to eat and whether they are an early bird or a late riser. With a friendly gesture, she shows the guest to their room, which is already clean, tidy and has a bottle of water waiting to welcome its new resident. The Düsseldorf-native is a service manager at Bilfinger Ahr Careservice. Her area has many rooms and 439 high-quality beds, but it is not a hotel. Angelika Mertgen is responsible for ‘patient service’ at the Düsseldorf Marien Hospital.

White and blue used to be the dominant colors of the uniforms of doctors and nursing staff in a hospital. In the Düsseldorf Marien Hospital there are now also 30 employees sporting a burgundy look – the color of the service personnel. The guest, as patients here are respectfully called, can therefore easily identify which employees they can ask about which wishes and requests. However, the visual differentiation is not the true success factor of this modern organizational structure, with which the hospital in North Rhine Westphalia’s capital is moving in a new direction. “Here there are caring employees. This clear division of tasks allows the nursing staff to concentrate fully on the medical care of the guests and to significantly increase the quality of care”, says Angelika Mertgen, explaining how care and service work hand in hand. The transfer of services to Apleona Ahr Careservice gives the Marien Hospital new space for its core medical business and allows it to further improve the quality of care. An advantage for patients and important progress for the Düsseldorf hospital in competition with other hospitals.

However, perfect service alone does not produce the added value of Apleona Ahr Careservice. “Quality of service in a hospital for us also means having a high level of empathy for the needs of our guests”, explains Angelika Mertgen. This means that each of the 30 employees are aware that their working day involves people in partially difficult situations. This requires tact and sensitivity. Every guest is addressed by name and with a smile by the service staff, a sign of respect and appreciation. Inquisitive questions are taboo, but the staff always have a sympathetic ear. The guest should recover in an atmosphere, in which they feel comfortable and welcome. Catering is also part of this. Using a mobile recording device, the service staff note the guests’ culinary wishes and take into account the medical conditions for catering, which can vary for each patient.

120 hospitals already use the patient service from Apleona Ahr Careservice: a trend, which is increasing. The high demand from medical facilities is a result of the necessary optimization of the economic and image-enhancing factors in a strongly contested health care industry. But what is even more decisive for the cooperation with Bilfinger Ahr Careservice for most hospitals is: here, customers do not receive ready-made service; instead they are given precisely adapted service, tailored to the needs of the individual institution. An in-depth analysis of the current situation and the development of an optimization concept are naturally part of the patient service from Bilfinger Ahr Careservice.

What is special about this team of specialists: It combines hospital, hotel, business administration and marketing know-how, in order to implement the right mix of solutions for hospitals. The offer of Apleona Ahr Careservice ranges from optimization of the services for patients, to renovation of nursing care facilities up to the design of new buildings, in order to achieve significant revenue increases for the medical establishments. Alongside economic improvements, it is ultimately the smiles of the service team, such as Angelika Mertgen, which make the Bilfinger service in hospitals the perfect patient service.