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Markus Schneider: traveling specialist for technical risks

Markus Schneider: traveling specialist for technical risks

Markus Schneider from the Center of Competence data centers/critical facilities (CoC DC) not only ensures that data centers in Vienna are operated based on the 4P (People, Performance, Plant, Processes) best practices specifications. As a staff member in central department CoC DC, he provides international support for the Apleona HSG FM operations units in providing their services. He was just recently deployed to support the colleagues of HSG Zander Austria. His tasks on a typical day like this: Performance of an internal 4P review. Markus Schneider describes the procedure as follows: "In preparation for a 4P review, we send the facility manager responsible for operations a comprehensive self-assessment questionnaire based on our 4P Critical Engineering Framework and 4P Best Practices. We have Best Practice documents for each 4P category describing our methods and procedures for FM operation." The results of the self-assessment by the facility manager are reflected in 4P tachometers. Ideally, the tachometer needles should be in the green area. 

HSG Zander Austria's customer constructed one of Austria's most modern and energy-efficient high-availability data centers in 2014. Apleona HSG FM CoC DC accompanied the final construction stages, testing before commissioning, training by the installer and final testing. After successful final testing and certification of the operations personnel as Data Center Operators (theoretical and practical testing) by CoC DC, the facility management unit of HSG Zander, Austria assumed full operations responsibility for the property.

Markus Schneider and his colleagues regularly conduct these 4P reviews to check the previously implemented 4P processes and standards. "I check the current documentation on site and talk with the individual disciplines such as technical systems and infrastructure. Our goal is to continuously improve quality and to detect any risks in advance. These are mitigated by targeted measures in agreement with our customers," explains the expert. "If necessary, we also conduct internal training sessions and instruction for further qualification of our DC technicians." Because their excellent specialist knowledge is the recipe for success to ensure uninterrupted operation of the technical facilities. 

Of course, a visit like this at the facility includes a walkdown inspection and a final meeting with the facility manager along with initial feedback. "Back in Neu-Isenburg, I then prepare a detailed report with notes, detected deficiencies and a corresponding plan of action with deadlines. There will be more or less specific recommendations for improving performance depending on whether the tachometer needles are in the green, yellow or red areas."

Data centers are distributed around the globe. Everywhere they go, CoC DC personnel contribute their unique special knowledge in every project to maintain these "high-tech systems in functional building enclosures". If desired by the customer or the operations unit of Apleona HSG FM, this goes on from the first germ of an idea, through planning, to continuous operation. CoC DC developed to the 4P Critical Engineering Framework for this purpose, defining Apleona HSG's own international standards for the operation of data centers. This manual is continuously further developed by CoC DC, accounting for the knowledge and experience gained in our on-site deployments. 

Many can provide facility management of office furniture, but only a select few can master facility management of complex systems which are often critical for operations. Apleona HSG FM can do both. This is due in no small part to Markus Schneider and his colleagues in CoC DC. His long-standing dedication to the concern benefits him in his work. Since starting with M+W Zander (see "History").

this man from Rhine-Hesse has progressed through a wide range of activities in the concern. This gives him a broad base of expertise for his daily tasks. "I take my activities and the associated tasks very seriously. Because it's about high availability and the early detection of potential faults."

A job with so much responsibility, here today, there tomorrow, requires not only extensive expertise but also good physical condition. Markus Schneider keeps himself fit, especially with jogging. In London, Vienna and Neu-Isenburg. His jogging shoes always accompany him on his travels. When he's finally back at home in the Frankfurt area, he wants to be there for his family. His goal: 100% availability. Just like the facilities he and Apleona HSG FM manage.

Learn what Markus Schneider and the entire CoC DC team provide in cooperation with the regional and international operations companies of Apleona HSG FM and the Apleona divisions for the data center market segment: Overview.

You can find out more in a personal meeting. Contact data for Markus Schneider and his colleagues are also given on the CoC DC website.


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